The Nebraska Stock Market Game

Game dates for 2014-2015 Stock Market Game

  • September 3 to December 12
  • January 5 to April 17
  • Cost - $10 per team (2-5 students)
  • Fall 2014 - we have scholarships to allow $5 team fees!

Teacher Preparation for SMG

The SMG program is designed so students and teachers learn as they go along; therefore, minimal knowledge is needed. In fact, it serves as a valuable tool to learn basic investing skills. Potential investors of all ages and economic means can benefit from practicing first with the SMG program.

To enhance the experience, there are many resources available to participants: Teachers and other adults have access to a variety of curriculum guides and materials made available in the on-line Teacher Support Center (Teachers New to SMG).

Each lesson plan in the Teacher Support Center offers 2-3 paragraphs of teacher background to familiarize the teacher with the topic covered in the lesson.

FREE Promo Game Dates:

July 28-August 22
September 2-September 19
September 29-October 17
January 5-February 9

Also, there are FREE 3-week Teacher Promo Games preceding each regular fall or spring game. Through these FREE games, teachers may have hands-on training before beginning the Stock Market Game with their students.

Teachers may register HERE for the Free Promo Game and completing the registration as "Teacher as an Individual." Correspondence during ALL games is via e-mail, so a CORRECT and VIABLE e-mail address on all registrations is a must. A user ID and password are e-mailed before the game begins, which allows entry into the game.

Participating in SMG

The flexibility of the SMG program allows it to be used in a variety of subjects, including Social Studies, Math, Business, English and Language Arts, Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences as well as Economics. It can be integrated into school clubs, lunch programs, after school, and gifted student activities.

Lessons (Teacher Support Center – In the Classroom) are about a period in length, but can be adjusted to suit classroom needs. At least one period a week is recommended.

It takes 3 or 4 class periods to introduce your students to the SMG, which can be started before the game officially begins. Once it starts, students should have the opportunity to post trades at least once a week. The teacher has the flexibility of choosing how much or how little class time to devote to the program.

Registering for SMG

Teachers who wish to participate in the SMG must register their teams online at After entering the site, click on the Registration tab and follow directions. An e-mail address is required for registration.

Team Fees and Payment

A CHECK # (for personal payment) or a PURCHASE ORDER # from your school must be on your on-line pre-registration for the different categories below:

  • Student teams or individual students (4-12 or college): $10.00/team
  • Advisors (teachers advising student teams) participating independently: $10.00 each
  • Individual adults (ex.--non-advising teachers): $10.00
  • Parents of participating students: $10.00

ALL teachers wishing to participate in the SMG must register separately under their own names so each will receive his/her own full set of materials and periodic mailings. Teachers will be sent the Advisor IDs once the online registration has been completed, and the team IDs and passwords will be assigned prior to the game starting.

Teachers will be invoiced for the Game after the start of the game. It will be the teacher’s responsibility to send the invoice to the school’s Accounts Payable Office. Payments will be due two weeks before the end of the game.