The Nebraska Stock Market Game

InvestWrite Essay Contest

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The perfect companion, InvestWrite, is a teacher-designed writing component and competition that reinforces students newfound knowledge of the market. A link is provided above, on the SMG Homepage or in the Teacher Support Center at to learn more about InvestWrite.

InvestWrite is both a national and state wide competition. Students only need enter one essay for participation in both competitions. Competitions are run concurrently.

Congratulations to our Spring 2012 InvestWrite Essay Competition Champions!

Sarah Logan (pictured at left) was the Middle School Division winner from Norris Middle School. Other winners included Nathan Konkler and Yazmin Bentz.

Sarah Logan SMG Winner

Congratulations to our Fall 2011 InvestWrite Essay Competition Champions!

Samuel Forrest (pictured at left) was the Elementary School Division winner from Plattsmouth Middle School. Samuel is in the 5th grade and his teacher is Wanda Wiemer. Emily Olson and Andrew Yung (pictured at right) won the High School Division and Middle School Division respectively. Emily is in the 11th grade at Norris High School and Andrew is in the 6th grade at Norris Middle School. Both are taught by Sid Conrad. All winning students were surprised with a classroom celebration to announce their achievement and received Walmart gift cards.

Samuel Forrest SMG Winner
Emily Olson and Andrew Yung SMG Winners