The Nebraska Stock Market Game

Welcome to the Nebraska Stock Market Game!

The Stock Market Game program works for over ten million students by appealing to their desire to gain financial independence and to experience a little competition. The Nebraska Game manages over 1000 teams and helps over 4,500 students learn about U.S. financial markets. It is very easy to implement, reaches across the entire curriculum, and is exciting to teach.

The Stock Market Game program transports students into real world investing while learning academic concepts that relate to their entire core curriculum. Students (grades 4-12) buy into the entire process through 15 weeks of active involvement. Students work in teams practicing leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation. As they work to grow their $100,000 virtual cash account into a top-performing portfolio (which starts earning interest even before the game begins!), they develop strong interests in the daily events that shape our world and barely realize how much math, business, economics, language arts and social studies they're learning. Students compete against other teams in their age groups across Nebraska, so kids see the program as “fun.”

No prior knowledge of the stock market is needed! The TEACHER SUPPORT CENTER will provide teachers with an understanding of the SMG with a teacher's guide and rules of the game along with hundreds of grade appropriate lesson plans and activities that will weave into existing plans. The SMG teacher resources prove education is the focus of the Stock Market Game. Lessons are correlated with National Standards as well as Nebraska Standards. These FREE materials will be available to assist teachers once registered for the SMG, so register today!! The national SMG website is:

“More than a Game, an Education for Life”

"We have a Stock Market Club for middle school students that meet after school on their own time. We visit stockbrokers each year at their place of business which allows students to practice etiquette in the business world.

This year, our financial advisor was so excited with what the students were learning through the Stock Market Game that he asked if he could visit with us at one of our weekly meetings."

Karen Hastings--teacher, Grand Island Public Schools

"We will have had experience in the Stock Market so that once we are able to save money that is substantial enough to invest, I will be much more educated than if I had not participated. Plus, since I have learned about the Stock Market, I will become an investor even sooner. It was not only a great learning experience but also very fun. I will cherish the memories made for a lifetime."

Alyson Hartwig--student, Grand Island Public Schools